Teaching Couple

Deborah is an award winning High School and Middle School Social Studies, History and Geography educator with 25 years experience. She has been a consultant for College Board and National Geographic, facilitating professional development workshops and teacher training programs in AP World History and Geography across five continents. 

Eric's expertise is in areas of technology, media, instructional design and distance learning. He helped non-profit organizations like Cable in the Classroom, Technical Educational Resource Center, publishers like Bedford St. Martin and Houghton Mifflin, and organizations like Schools for Children and Teachers Across Borders, apply new technologies to design and produce educational content, curriculum or on-line learning / collaboration systems.  Eric is in an ideal position to support and help grow educational programs in the digital age. His experience working with learners of all ages, in the classroom, in the field and on-line, coupled with his instructional and assessment design background would be a great asset to any school.